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[For 1.8] Google SEO 1.8.4
I don't have any WordPress installations. I know those could interfere, though.

I've only deactivated the plugin a few times. It's currently activated, but URL and redirect settings are disabled.

The problem is that my other MyBB install works just fine, but this one in particular went downhill with pulling up threads, forums, and so on since twelve hours ago. Whenever I'd click, I'd get sent to a static "404 Not Found" page (with the forum layout shown). Not sure what happened there. I've ensured that the PHP versions are the same for all installs.

(2018-09-12, 10:39 PM)frostschutz Wrote: Anything else on that site? For example Wordpress has rewrite rules that can interfere with a forum installed in a subdir. Anyway, hard to tell without knowing more about the site configuration.
OK, I've solved my problem. I had to comment out redundant URL rewrite rules originally for a parent directory to be pointed at. The strange thing was that I'd left it just as it was for the longest time, but I remember entering shell and putting in this command line (the shell rejected it, however):
systemctl daemon-reload
That's right around the time that issue occurred.
And now?

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This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
(2018-09-16, 06:52 PM)fsiarazvan Wrote: And now?

That looks like you have used the htaccess.example.txt file from the plugin package.

That file is just an example. You have to adapt it.

In particular, you have to replace /MyBB/ with the path you've installed the forum to (apparently just /).

# Before using this file please make sure to:
#   - replace /MyBB/ with your forum folder, e.g. / or /forum/
#   - replace yoursite/MyBB with your forum URL
#   - name the file '.htaccess' (starting with the dot, no .txt)
got it ! Thanks Mate!!!
(2018-09-16, 07:18 PM)fsiarazvan Wrote: got it ! Thanks Mate!!!

How to add meta description for each forum? I read the readme document but no information in it.
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
(2018-10-09, 09:23 AM)suresh Wrote: How to add meta description for each forum?

It uses the forum description as meta description

Admin CP -> Forums -> Edit Forum -> Description

I have a bit of difficulties with finding the meta description for the thread.
I would like to add the thread subject to the meta description when viewing a thread/post, where do you add this thread meta description, in what file? So I can modify it and add the thread subject to it, thanks!

I develop custom MyBB themes and plugins.

Just wanted to say thank you, frostschutz!  I installed this plugin yesterday. Everything went smoothly and it works like a charm. Cool


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