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[For 1.8] Puppet Master 2.1.4
Which version are you using? If the latest from the mods site, try deleting line 55 from inc/plugins/puppet_master/install_data.php:

'sid' => 'NULL',

Uninstall and then try installing again.

Sorry you are having troubles. If you are not using the latest version, uninstall and try again with the latest version.
hi thanks for the quick response

i have installed  Puppet master 2.1.4  on MyBB Version 1.8.20

ive taken line 55 out that you suggested and it has installed fine with out the mysql error.

but ive still got the other issues although i do have the drop down boxes now

also i am unable to switch between accounts the only option i have is the puppet account
I am getting some weird errors with this plugin. I keep getting this on the initial installation:

MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.

SQL Error:
1366 - Incorrect integer value: 'NULL' for column `sonicblast_mybb104`.`mybblq_settings`.`sid` at row 1
INSERT INTO mybblq_settings (`sid`,`name`,`title`,`description`,`optionscode`,`value`,`disporder`,`gid`) VALUES ('NULL','puppet_master_on','Puppet Master On?','ON (default) to use the plugin, OFF to disable','onoff','1','10',206)
Please contact the MyBB Group for technical support.

However if I click back and refresh the plugins it's installed. It says it has 0 settings in the settings page and when I go to add a person as a puppet I get this:
This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request.

But when I hit back and refresh the user has been added. Yet does not work on the forum. Also when I try to edit the puppet master I get this:
edit puppet masters
Manage Puppets For Metallix
Username: Display Order Controls
no puppets

Warning [2] count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable - Line: 380 - File: inc/plugins/puppet_master/acp.php PHP 7.2.17 (Linux)
File Line Function
/inc/plugins/puppet_master/acp.php 380 errorHandler->error
/inc/plugins/puppet_master/acp.php 44 puppet_master_admin_edit
/inc/class_plugins.php 142 puppet_master_admin_load
/admin/index.php 819 pluginSystem->run_hooks
I will try to look at this some time today, @Metallix.
(2019-04-28, 10:59 AM)Wildcard Wrote: I will try to look at this some time today, @Metallix.

Thanks for all the work you do, I appreciate it!
Still haven't had a chance to look. Working on the new ASB update all day...
It’s cool. I look forward to it working but nothing that I need immediately.
Any update on this? I know you're busy just wondering if you plan on looking at it soon.
This weekend. I promise.

Can you try this update and see if it fixes your issues?

If it doesn't, PM temp credentials and I will have a look.

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