[Rejected] Signatures not updating (How to fix?)
So recently people have come to me complaining about the signatures not working... after 3-4 days of seeing these messages i went to see for myself. here's what it does. [Image: 42fbdfc321d89566512ed56cbde3a2f6.gif]
So... What you are seeing is me click the top option, but when i click update it just goes back to no action. It still does not display the signature in posts.

Anyway to fix this?
This option updates existing posts to include/exclude the signature. It always goes back to "No action" after all existing posts are updated.
[Image: banner.png]
But i think it should be possible to change the preset option, like "Enabled in all existing posts" is checked on default instead of "No action".
Okay, but even though i click on this option it does not show on the post, i check everything to see if signatures are allowed to be shown on the thread etc.
Problem fixed. Have no clue how but it now works Smile
Though it confused myself quite a few times the option works as it should be. Changing the selected default action is a simple theme change but nothing we should do in the core so rejecting.
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