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I have a website and forum which are linked together, I achieved this by creating a theme which exactly matched my wordpress website however I have one issue...the footer. The footer on my wordpress website has information which is update automatically by changes I make on the website such as new posts and events and I keep the forum footer updated by simply copy and pasting the footer html coding manually every time I make a change.

I would really love if someone could help me here by letting me know how to make the footer on my MyBB forum update when the footer on my wordpress website does, my understanding of html and css is just above average but no-where near professional so any help would be great.

My forum can be found at: you can view the site footer at

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Anyone able to help me achieve this?
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I suppose you could serve the footer by way of it's own php page that would sit on the same server as your main site.

Not used it, however {${include('footer.php')}} might help - whereby you'd update the footer file and then serve it to both mybb and wordpress.

Or, maybe this will work - - no idea if it'll work with 1.8, but you'd need to change the compatibility version in the php file.

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