[Rejected] Mod CP - Inheritance Not Working
When assigning mod cp permissions to an entire usergroup for a forum, it only considers the user's primary usergroup (when it does displays, etc). This should be changed (for consistency purposes) to be based on all the groups an user is in.


Bob is an Administrator (Primary) and a Moderator (Additional).

In a forum called "My Forum", the administrators has made all members of the "Moderators" usergroup able to manage announcements for the forum.

Bob has no other moderating privileges, but when he goes to the mod cp, he cannot see the button for announcement editing. In addition, if he tries to access the page, he gets an error -- no permissions page.
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If I understand this correctly in my opinion this works as it should. Primary group permissions should take priority over secondary group permissions. @Jones what do you think?

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@Ben - I agree with you, thats why it is called "primary"
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