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Hi! I've searched and wasn't able to find anything, so here is what I'm trying to achieve...
*also forgive me if i say anything wrong or ignorant as I am kinda new to running a forum. 

Soldier Profile - [Image: PVT.png] Bacher, D.
Soldier Profile - [Image: RCT.jpg] Baker, H.
Soldier Profile - [Image: WOC.jpg] Bannon, T.
Soldier Profile - [Image: RCT.jpg] Bartel, W.

I need it so that when a user registers to the forum it will automatically create a profile with just the Soldier Profile - and their name after.
I need this on a separate page that is public to everyone that is registered
I would like to have it set a margin of maybe 10px from the left that way its easy to spot.
I need each Soldier Profile to be a link to their own profile page that is seperate from their forum profile.
I need to be able to edit the text on each "Button" so i can insert a small icon before their name as shown above.
Once inside the soldiers profile I'm trying to achieve something similar to this:
Soldier Profile 

Soldier Name:  Bannon, T.                        Rank:  [WOC] Warrant Officer Candidate   [Picture of rank here]
Steam ID:                                                      Unit: 4th Aviation Regiment 
Status:  Removed                                        Position: 153D Utility Pilot                                                  
 Points: 150 

Service Record 

2016-02-20   Existing Promotion Points - +150 Points 
2015-07-04   Left the Group 
2015-02-28   Joined- [RCT] Recruit 

Operation History 
2015-02-29  Attended Operation - +5 Points

Training History 

2015-11-07   Basic Training 
2015-03-31   Advanced Training 
2015-02-28   Training 


Awards & Qualifications 

[Picture of a ribbon here]                                       Recruitment Ribbon: Awarded for recruiting new members 

I guess I need a table with preset info as a template and i need to be able to adjust what is in their profile as the achieve certain things.(not sure what would be best for this)
I need to be able to give permissions to edit a soldiers profile to different groups and I need to be able to edit anything with custom text. id like a template to be automatically inserted for the soldiers profile aswell.

Sorry for the wall of text i just cant seem to find anything similar for this in mybb and i would prefer to stay with it.
Again please forgive me if I am asking too much or am asking for things that could be done without a plugin I just can't seem to find a solution as I am not efficient with this.
Thank you if you read all of this!

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