Not Solved Who's Online Counter Frozen
Not Solved
The who's online counter at the bottom of the main index is frozen. It updates and displays the usernames of people recently online, but the numbers are incorrect.

It constantly displays  "172 users active in the past 60 minutes (7 members, 2 of whom are invisible, and 165 guests)" even though there hasn't been that many people online in a while.

The forum with issues is:

For some reason I can't paste the code in question here, so here are the files that I'm thinking the problem lies within:

.php   functions_online.php (Size: 32.01 KB / Downloads: 42)

.php   index vendettas club.php (Size: 10.77 KB / Downloads: 39)

.php   online.php (Size: 7.09 KB / Downloads: 36)

Can anybody help me solve this issue and get an accurate read out?

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