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[For 1.8] YourCode 2.1.3
Hi Wildcard. There is another bug.

For some reason, whenever a member (besides admin?) post, the member receives an error page:
[Image: Screen_Shot_2016-10-10_at_2.57.11_PM.png]

If the user back the page, and then forward, then they receive this message:
[Image: Screen_Shot_2016-10-10_at_2.57.17_PM.png]

The issue was present until I uninstall YourCode, then the issue disappeared.

I don't know if there's a required php upload limit or what.... just want to let you know.
just a noob.
Thanks for the report. I'll look into it.
I've tested from every angle and have not been able to reproduce that error.
YourCode 2.0.2 Released

  • JavaScript error in ACP

  • Cancel button added for Import selection page

To upgrade simply overwrite the existing files.
This plugin causing deletion of first post contents if we add title of thread from thread list by long pressing on title of thread on thread listing of category/sub category.

Please fix this bug.
Thank you for the report. I will look into as soon as I have time.

You can track the progress here:

YourCode 2.0.3 Released

Fixed issue where inline post subject edit cause the first post's message to be deleted.

To upgrade, simply overwrite the existing files.
Thanks wildcard for fixing inline edit issue.
Working fine now.
You're welcome. Smile

Thanks for the report.
Updated the second post with a button spoiler pack, and HTML Table BB Code. I'll try to get more down when I can.
One more issue:
It interact with my items of New points means
It show following error on top.


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