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[For 1.8] YourCode 2.1.3
I tried it in my actual forum now and noticed bugs.
It's about things like fonts, bold, URL, italic etc in YourCode plugin. They werent in MyCode section before, now they are there and it causes issues in my forum. They are either outdated or not working properly as they were before.

So basically if someone uses ' in their links, they are getting / symbol just before it.
And some fonts are not working, maybe the one with , symbol in it - I don't know.

You can see both problems here:

I can live with fonts problem but /' thingie is bad.
I noticed URL Complex #1 and #2 is causing that and font one probably causes the other issue.

I really want to use this plugin since I have many MyCodes that only admins or staff supposed to use but I can't if it will mess with links and fonts :/

Sorry you are having problems.

I've done a good bit of testing with this plugin and I have never encountered these errors. Nor have any other users reported them. So I think it may be something specific to your forum. If you would like to PM me and link to your forum with access to the YourCode section of ACP, I could do some testing.

Again, I am sorry you are having problems. If I can figure out what is the matter, I will patch the plugin or help you to make whatever changes to your forum that need to be made.
Sure, I am in discord.
Just to catch everyone else up, when I tested I discovered that there is, in fact, a bug related to one of the problems Darkrad is having. I am working on a solution now and will patch the plugin as soon as I can.
@Darkrad can you try this fix and see if it solves your problem?

Unfortunately, you will have to uninstall, overwrite the existing files, and then install the plugin fresh. Don't forget to backup your custom codes!
URLs are working. Fonts are still having that issue I talked about earlier.

So basically before it was looking okay, but now I see [font=Roboto, sans-serif] codes around. It works okay when only Roboto is written - but when Roboto, Sans-serif is written font code stops working. I would appreciate if theres a way to fix that too.

I didn't test spoiler.
Thanks for the report. I'll have a look at it in about ten hours.
YourCode 2.1 Released

  • parser class fix/update
  • language issues fixed

This release will require you to uninstall, overwrite the existing files, and install the plugin fresh. Some changes to the system made it unavoidable.

Don't forget to backup your custom codes!
Parser class fix is for urls? Could you check the font issue?
(2017-01-21, 09:52 PM)Darkrad Wrote: Parser class fix is for urls? Could you check the font issue?

It fixes both. Did you at least try it before replying?

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