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[For 1.8] YourCode 2.1.1
Please update this plugin Mr.Wildcard
thank you.
YourCode 2.1.1 Released

  • added codename
  • a bug where the backup tool would not work
  • an SQL error caused by unassigned properties in the default code definition module
  • some internal adjustments with versioning the helper classes in a more strict (and ultimately, more reliable) way
  • a setting was added to control whether to minify JavaScript or not (on by default)
  • added validation to the add/edit form to prevent YourCode being saved with empty titles
  • added checks to ensure that the necessary folders are writable before install

To upgrade: Deactivate, overwrite the existing files, and then activate.
This is an important update, please be sure to upgrade as soon as possible.
Upon reactivating YourCode after the update it gives an error screen for a brief period, hope it doesn't mean there's something wrong.
I wish you could catch what the message said...
There were 3 tables, I am sure I saw similar error messages before but this time (I tried it in 2 forums it happened on both) it disappeared quickly.

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