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[For 1.8] YourCode 2.1.3

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[Image: q1W0aFv.png]

Forget MyCode. Take control of YourCode--
a much better way of handling BB Code for MyBB forums

[Image: UMxsW7y.png]

YourCode completely takes over MyCode-- even the menu item and link are replaced.
At install all of the existing, internally cached MyCodes are converted to the more versatile
YourCode version as well as all the existing Custom MyCodes you have created.

[Image: DVvlGe7.png]

These internal MyCodes are safely contained within the parser class so you may
freely edit, control activation, apply new options to them-- even delete  them--
all with the knowledge that you are a click away from restoring them.

At uninstall everything goes back to normal. No trash left behind and no effects.

  • YourCode is nestable
  • YourCode can use a wider range of regex options including case sensitivity, single line, multi-line and eval() modes
  • YourCode can Import/Export to XML files to share, backup or restore your work
  • YourCode uses MyBB's internal parser to handle the actual regex replacements so its footprint is minimal
  • YourCode can have individual group permission for use and viewing separately.
  • YourCode has alternate replacements for those who do not have permission to view them.
  • YourCode has tools to backup and restore your entire YourCode collection at once and you can restore the default MyCodes with a click
  • YourCode can be extended by third-party developers with single-file modules and includes two default modules: Marquee and Footnotes


I make no guarantees of support but I will always try.


Please report any problems found at the GitHub repository for this project, in this thread or in a new thread on MyBB Community Forums. Although I will answer questions at my own forum, I prefer not to.

YourCode is extensible using single file PHP modules. Learn more about the very simple creation process here:

Make YourCode Better!

Feel free to add advice or feedback. Go to GitHub and collaborate. Help and advice is welcome. Smile
YourCode Packs

Button Spoiler Pack (titled and untitled)

.xml   yourcode_spoiler_pack.xml (Size: 2.36 KB / Downloads: 410)

HTML Table BB Code

.xml   yourcode_tables.xml (Size: 2.99 KB / Downloads: 419)
Looks good, I always like a more intelligent BBCode! Dang man you sat on this for 2-3 years??? Toungue
My Plugins: [1.8]|[1.6]

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(2016-10-03, 09:05 PM)Wildcard Wrote: reserved

why your Plugin not work for me
Also i did change the version 1.6.x to 1.8.x
[Image: 4egllID.png]
[Image: 60UxyD6.gif]
I will give it a try, seems really interesting.
(2016-10-03, 11:44 PM)fizz Wrote: Dang man you sat on this for 2-3 years??? Toungue

Lol not exactly. I released it for 1.6 in 2014 and haven't had the time to update it for MyBB 1.8 till now. I also slipped in some minor improvements while updating.

(2016-10-04, 03:09 AM)WallBB Wrote: I will give it a try, seems really interesting.

Thanks. Let me know if there are any issues.
This seems great, but I'm having a hard time imagining what it could enable me to do to improve the forum experience. Do you have any usage examples?
(2016-10-04, 08:31 PM)brad-t Wrote: This seems great, but I'm having a hard time imagining what it could enable me to do to improve the forum experience. Do you have any usage examples?

Admittedly, this plugin is more about making things easier on the admin and giving more control over BB Codes, but the increased power and versatility can also greatly benefit users dependent on the creativity of the admin (or the resources of the community).

Let me explain. On the admin side, he/she can choose which groups can use or see each active BB Code. This would lead to a richer experience for user's who have gained VIP status, etc.; could allow one group to notify another without any other groups being aware of it (modcalls/messages); or countless other things that I haven't even thought about.

The admin would have the advantages of the FULL power of the regex/replacement properties and nest-ability when creating custom BB Codes. This would lead to a richer forum experience for users as well.

As with some of my other plugins, YourCode is modular, and therefore easily extensible so the various modules (there are two included) are not limited to my imagination, but open to the entire community to either code or suggest the BB Code modules that they want/need the most.

One of my other plugins, ASB, had some success with the community approach (three 3rd party addons and tons of support from fellow devs and testers). If YourCode gained enough steam it could be a great thing for admins.

The biggest point is the community aspect.  The ability to import and export BB code is the key feature. No longer are we trying to copy and paste into the textarea in ACP, but we can simply download an XML containing exactly what we need.

Wow. I am long-winded. Confused

(2016-10-04, 08:31 PM)brad-t Wrote: Do you have any usage examples?

I originally released this for 1.6 in a different thread. I included several collections of BB Codes for download. I haven't had time to get them attached to this thread yet, but I will soon. There is a little Prototype to convert.

I am also including two sample addon modules, Footnotes (which allows numbered footnotes and links the user to the notes below the post) and Marquee (which allows users to scroll portions of the post).

The different applications I found for BB Codes were nested spoilers that don't require a plugin, non-breaking spaces without JavaScript (thanks to the eval() option), and autoembedded video players without installing another plugin (thanks to modules).
For some reason, all of the default MyBB MyCode doesn't work (parse). All of them are activated.
just a noob.
Well, this is embarassing... Toungue

I will get an update together as soon as I figure out where the mistake is.

There was a change in the parser class that I was unaware of. I've updated the plugin at the mods site and on GitHub.

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