Not Solved [SOLVED] get UID (After Google SEO)
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How can i get the UID of a user after i enabled and setup google SEO. If i go to the user profile, it jsut says the name now.

Im not sure if this is the best way....but it is "a" way
I made a php script consists of
define("IN_MYBB", 1);
require_once "./global.php";

$user = $db->escape_string($mybb->input['user']);
$query = $db->simple_select("users","*","username='$user'");
$uid = $db->fetch_field($query, "uid");
echo $uid;

and just go to the URL of
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Google SEO changes the profile link itself, but all others [not used by search engines] still have the UID in them. find all posts, find all threads, send an email, send a private message, all these links have uid=123 in them so you don't need any such script.

this is the same with threads, the thread link itself is changed, but reply, printthread, archive link still has the thread id, so the id is still available if you ever need it for anything.

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