Not Solved [SOLVED] link on header to show not on index, but all else
Not Solved
Since i have template conditionals installed. I am wondering if i can make a link in the header template show everywhere except on the index page.

Basically i have a bottom page link that auto scrolls to the bottom above the navigation bar. But because the navigation bar is in the header, i have to put the bottom link in the header. This works as  i want, but it shows on the index page. I want to make it so that it shows everywhere but the index page.

Im sure there is a way to do it via tempalte conditionals, im just not sure what the syntax would be

<if !index.php then>SHOW LINK HERE</if> or something like that 

but also wondering if there was a way around another method too.

I tried this but it did nothing
				<if $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] != "" then>
				<a href="#bottom">Bottom Page</a><br>

It took me awhile to figure out that request uri returns the page and not the whole url
I should really learn PHP

I believe i got it with
                <if $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] != "/index.php" then>
                <a href="#bottom">Bottom Page</a><br>
as it appears to work after that

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