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Solved: 4 Years, 7 Months ago Latest Threads Code
Solved: 4 Years, 7 Months ago
please note : original php files of MyBB should not be edited unless such editing is must.

looks like there is a mistake in your modified code of portal_latestthreads_thread template.
there might be a duplicate code of <tr class="portal_latestthreads"> !

you may PM me temporary access to your forum admin panel to check the code & adding the border.
before giving the access you have to turn ON development mode at CloudFlare
Solved: 4 Years, 7 Months ago
.m., I was wondering if you knew which part of the code I would have to manipulate in order to change the length of the way down the latest threads column is. If that doesn't make sense, I want to put a title in a box on top of the bar. It is set to be there in the code, but for some reason, it isn't showing up on the forums. Any ideas?

I got it

Thanks for helping me out, guys!
[Image: 3fa79201f014aa4eff8aed2703de46f3.gif]
Solved: 4 Years, 7 Months ago
^ please check the suggested post for the code once again.
Solved: 4 Years, 7 Months ago
(2016-10-10, 02:37 PM)|| PikaKid || Wrote:
(2016-10-09, 08:38 PM)vintagedaddyo Wrote:
(2016-10-09, 03:13 PM)|| PikaKid || Wrote: Vintagedaddyo, I imported your theme into my forums and if you go to it, there is no latest Thread bar on the right

Anyway, I did it .m.'s way, and it worked finally, but I was wondering if there was any type of code that would put a border around it

Ah, well first of all you have to overwrite with the included files and I forgot to place the lang file in the right spot when I first made the zip pkg but that wouldn't matter too much on actual display. Anywhoo, I just updated the zip to put the lang file in correct directory..., without overwriting index.php and global.lang.php of course it would not display for you.., because it is missing the required files that I included and mentioned in the Documentation as well as mentioned in the manual instructions.

Do you happen to have the updated .zip file that I could download?

The attachment in my original reply was updated in the original reply
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