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Solved: 6 Years, 4 Weeks ago Delete attachment button not working
Solved: 6 Years, 4 Weeks ago
Quote:To reproduce...

1. Create a new thread
2. Upload a file and hit "Add attachment"
3. File will be added and shown in the attachments list
4. Click "Remove Attachment"
5. Nothing happens
6. Click Preview post, the attachment is gone

I have this same problem on my website. I've been trying to solve this problem for days. I thought it was caused by something I had messed up on my forum. I just discovered I have the same problem deleting attachments here on the MyBB.com forum. What can be done to correct this problem? Is there a workaround hack that can be done to make the delete attachment function work?
Thanks for ny help you can offer!

EDIT: I originally posted this in the wrong forum and I apologize for that.
Solved: 6 Years, 4 Weeks ago
This problem went away when I upgraded to 1.8.8

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