Not Solved Attachments stopped working
Not Solved
I have my attachements setting enabled....and the attachment type is allowed and the default type.....just a png. 

This is the thread where we figured it out

It appears as if attachments just randomly stopped working. WE either get the text, or a no found image icon.

All permissions are correct inthe ACP. I also noticed that the overall statistics graph is doing the saem thing. I am not sure if this is related?
I search that cause and found a BOMfix plugin. I installed that and a huge list that actually crashes my browser appears. Im not sure if this is related? There is also NO other language packs installed.

I tried this plugin....but i didnt get anytrhing shown for incorrect

I am not even sure if this would fix it if there was

I found the specific plugin that caused this problem. It was the Who rated this post plugin to show reputation on the postbit.

Now my question is...what can i do to this plugin to fix it? 

Why would that plugin break the attachments?

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