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Not Solved Simple questions, about 'revolution' theme.
Not Solved
Hi. Here is the forum in question :

The first problem I have, is that I want to translate the :

''0 Topics   

0 Replies ''

where can I change that ?

Also, when we are OFFLINE on the forum, I want to down a bit the connexion and register button, so they can fit between those text.



EDIT: I figured out for the second problem. only need to change those 0 topics and replies to some french words and it's all.

I know it is easy, but when you dont know...

hey, thanks !
Not Solved
AdminCP -> templates and styles -> templates -> revolution template set -> forumbit templates -> forumbit_depth2_forum
Not Solved
For translations, take a look at language packs.
You might like the French language pack located here:

Hope this helps!

Owner and operator of Creators Wave
Not Solved
I also use revolution and I think it is in the forumbit template group, most likely depth2. I modified it so that the replies didn't show all post but actually just replies, took me forever because I don't know JS
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