Not Solved Majestic - Empty Areas in Header and Footer
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Hello, I use Majestic theme. After I got ASB I had to change width of my page, so I did - from 960 to 1230px.

But there's an issue, it looks okay when you have 1920x1080 resolution for example but if you have resolution smaller than 1230, then you would have to scroll to see entire page and it's completely okay to me. But then actual problem begins :

[Image: 7Ar0zN.jpg]

For some reason I am having those areas not covered with their proper background. When I look at page with 1920x1080 for example, I see them covered entire area. But when I make my page smaller so I have to scroll, those areas appear at right side of page.

Would appreciate if someone can help me with this.
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Majestic theme is a premium theme made by envira from MySkins.

I assume you have the proof of the purchase to ask for support here, because envira has his own forum in which he gives support for all of your themes.
I don't give support on PM.
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Yeah just created thread there too.

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