Not Solved Problem with the new version Gomobile - please help
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This is wonderful, I love the new look.

But i have seen 4 serious bugs on it and i have tried all i could but nothing is working out.

1. On the PM page, There is no longer checkbox on PM/private.php page for a users to check in other to delete message - it was working fine on the previous version but didn't work on this and it important for users to delete their messages.

2. There no longer checkbox in Compose, Reply, Send, forward Message pages

3. Private Message Recipient Box is not showing on mobile screens except you are viewing mobile version in computer, this means can't be able to send PM/private message since the box won't show to put sent to recipient name.

4. All checkbox in Newthread and NewReply are not showing.

Please how can you help me fix this issues? I'm currently using the latest mybb  1.8.8 version

Please help me.
Not Solved

I've just answered it in the MyBB GoMobile for 1.8.* Thread.
I don't answer questions about localhost forums or forums without URL, I'm not a seer.  Cool
Not Solved
The new Version? Realy? What is wrong with you guys?
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