Not Solved How does one customize member profile?
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I'm sure there are many people out there who've posted this before although the people who've ask this had poor explanation, which lead to little to none of support.

Anyways, let me get the point. I'm not a fan of Mybb's member_ profile layout how it's made with tables. I'd like to re-make it similar to my attachment.

- The attachment is just part of my profile from another website I'm trying partially rip-off into a theme I'm making

- Sorry accidentally posted into wrong category
- Move request asked ._.

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You can edit the CSS and HTML structure for both of these as you see fit.
For the HTML, please see: Member -> Member_profile template.
For the CSS, IIRC you will find this under Global.css - depending on your theme.

If you need further assistance, please let us know what exactly you need and one of the developers may be able to provide further code assistance!


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