Not Solved ACP problems
Not Solved
Have some problems in acp.

I can't run diff report on templates, "page not found".

If trying to change on language files, "Edit Language Variables", I only see the heading text, 
(Below are the files within the selected language, for both the front-end and the admin control panel. Here you can choose to edit these files.)

Perhaps there is more errors in acp, but this was the first I did notice.

Front end is working good.

Any ideas?
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what does tools & maintenance section report about system health (required files accessibility) ?
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All of the required files and directories have the proper CHMOD settings.

Configuration File ./inc/config.php Writable
Settings File ./inc/settings.php Writable
File Uploads Directory ./uploads Writable
Avatar Uploads Directory ./uploads/avatars Writable
Language Files ./inc/languages Writable
Backups Directory ./admin/backups Writable
Cache Directory ./cache Writable
Themes Directory ./cache/themes Writable
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Run a File Verification Check. ACP->Tools & Maintenance. Report back any missing or modified files other than those listed in the /install directory.
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inc/3rdparty/diff/Diff/Engine/Native.php Changed
inc/functions.php Changed
images/forum_icon_sprite.png Changed
inc/3rdparty/diff/Diff/Renderer/Unified.php Missing

Running 1.8.8
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you can replace Native.php & Unified.php files from original source files pack of MyBB 1.88
(note: first character of above referred files is capitalized)

replacing above 2 files should help in getting templates difference reports.

functions.php file is generally modified by a couple of plugins (eg. Google SEO)
which plugins you have in active status ?
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DVZ Secure Content
Google SEO
Template Conditionals
Portal news preview

Have replaced the Native and Unified,,thx for that Smile

The problem is still there....

Running a Norwegian language pack that I did translate, BUT I did not translate acp, and also not gonna to, so I guess that's not cousin this prob.
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