Where is Group Promotions function?
I'm interested in combating spam by moderating each user's first post. So far, I read the following:

Ad Bakker of the MyBB Community Forums created a plugin for 1.8 that can be used to perform this action. Alternatively, the Group Promotions feature of MyBB can be leveraged to do something very similar without the plugin.

However, I can't find the Group Promotions function. Can someone please tell me where it is and how to configure it for my purpose?

Thanks in advance,

This appears to be the current version: newMemScr.zip

Reading a few of the old posts, it appears that you may be able to "Re-install" the application and it should work. Ashley1 stated its working for her on 1.8.7.

Please report findings!
Hey Everyone I am back! I will slowly be in progression of helping you all with your questions!

Group Promotions are in the Users and Groups module of the ACP.
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(2016-11-01, 01:05 PM)Matt Wrote: Group Promotions are in the Users and Groups module of the ACP.

Thank you. I should have found this on my own.

I think this function, adapeted to eliminate spammers, would work like this:

New registrants must be sent to Awaiting Activation upon registration
  • Set Promtion Requirements to Post Count.
  • Set Post count to Less than or equal to 1.
  • Set Original Post User Group to Awaiting Activation
  • Set New User Group to Awaitng Activation
Is this correct? If not, what is?

If this is correct, I have a further question.

The Awaiting Activation is described as "Users that have not activated their account by email or manually been activated yet."

I assume these registrants are sent to a queue where admins or moderators can approve them. Since I  allow non-members to browse our forum, they could brows as guest in the meantime. Is this correct?

As always, thanks in advance.


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