Access parsed profile fields from template?
Hi there!

I am developing a plugin using the parse_message hook. So far, so good. However I am including some profile fields using $post['fidXX'] etc. And here the problem starts. Afforementioned variable always shows the "raw" (e.g. non-parsed) profile fields straight from the database. I have ticked to allow MyCode and HTML, but the field is raw, as I already confirmed by reading the source.

So, how do I get around this? I would like to show a given profile field after being parsed in postbit and memberprofile. I cannot use "show in profile/postbit" because of theming (the fields are split in the theme).
I guess instantiating the parser within parse_message should produce a recursive loop. There's really nothing you can do in this case other than choosing another suitable hook.
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If you are trying to do something for each post, I'd actually say to use the hook postbit. The old version of Social Groups I created a hook like that and it worked perfectly.
Yeah, I was already thinking about that for the posts. But what to do with the user profiles? Is there any suitable hook at all?
member_profile_end maybe?
I'll try that, thanks.

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