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Not Solved AdSense Questions
Not Solved
Hello, I registered to AdSense recently and it wants me to add code right after head tag in my site. My main domain is Wordpress site so probably this is not a good place to ask about it (but I appreciate if you know how to do that too) but my question here is do I need to add that to my subdomain forum aswell? Or it's just for one site thing that really doesn't matter for other sites?  I want to add ads to both my site and my forum and this code isn't about ads I believe it's about reviewing site or something. Do I add this code to EVERY site or just one is enough to use adsense on every? and if I need to add this to MyBB forum, how do I do that?

I see I have that head tag in my index template, but I still don't know if I should add that code to my forum too.
Not Solved
You can insert the same code issued for your main domain to your subdomains, as your subdomain serves from different files then wordpress for wordpress google released adsense plugin just search for it and for MyBB you can add the code in header include template.
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