[Pushed] Cannot edit announcements - Error: The starting date for the announcement is invalid
Dear MyBB Community,

I've a forum with a few announcements that are some years old. I wanted to edit one of them. It is about an year old (a bit more by now actually). However I cannot edit it. I get the following error: "The starting date for the announcement is invalid.". Oh and I cannot even preview changes I made in it as I get the same error when the preview should be loaded.

I'm using MyBB 1.8.8 and it used to work flawless before the upgrade to 1.8.8 from 1.8.7. Any ideas or so? I really need to get this fixed as I need to make important updates to the announcement. I tried to change the dates around and so on but nothing helped.

A screenshot:

What additional information do you need to know? Please tell me if it helps to solve this.

Regards  Wink

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