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Setting to enable first post on every thread page
Basically an optional setting in acp (or maybe even for individual user options) to set the first post on every page of a thread.

E.g. i make a thread and it gets 48 pages and my first post/thread starting post will be shown on every of these 48 pages.

Further settings: Specific Forums ; Specific Forum Groups can see only
I honestly think this would be a great feature, it can get confusing on forums when you have 1000 replies and you inevitably forget what was in the original post!
It might be nice to have this even at a per-topic option level... I mean there may be some topics on a site which don't need to have a constant reminder of the first post but for others it could be very useful.
For example a debate topic may not need the first post visible on other pages because people may just be responding to other people's posts. Meanwhile a topic about a story probably wouldn't want the first post on every page. (It'd be like having page 1 of the book at the start of every chapter...)
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i think it would be nice that the author of the thread has ability to pin the first post on every page of the thread .
Definitely something that should be added in 2.0.
This is a fantastic idea! I like it.
+1 from me!

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+1 from me too. It's an already available feature if you use XThreads and would be a great feature to add to the core IMHO.
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Makes sense to me, and it's fairly easy to implement. It's especially useful for news threads and suggestion threads such as this.
Sounds like a great idea.
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good idea +1

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