how can i fix this
hello i need some help dont know  after update forum i got this errors again and again dont know why

please help me thanksss
You're getting an SQL error, but you haven't given enough information for me to tell you how to fix it. What kind of plugin are you using for advertisements?
i have fixed but after next day its appear same
(2016-11-19, 07:56 PM)Wildcard Wrote: What kind of plugin are you using for advertisements?
My Advertisements
All the info is in the MySQL error.

Do an export of the "advertis_ads" table structure (STRUCTURE ONLY) and post it.

"Out of range" means you probably need to alter the table structure to fit the data. Sometimes plugin coders don't give enough room to columns.
i have deactivated all plugin but same prob i think is date prob dont know how to fix this
This might be caused by the MySQL Strict being too strict. I had a similar problem but with A2Hosting | Get your first month of hosting for $0.01 USD with Promo Code: Hexeus
[Image: 12946833.gif]

forum was working fine just after i upgrade from 1.8.6 to 1.8.8 start this problem

its current time prob in updated mybb
I guess you're just going to ignore me. I told you what the problem was.

Looks like on your users table there is a column for "advertis_ads" which a plugin deactivation won't remove. You need to uninstall it. Or fix the BIGINT problem.

Export your mybb_users STRUCTURE only and post it if you want help.

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