Email domain ban with whitelist override
Hello kind forum people,

I've tried and failed to find an answer for this.
Due to a planned change of policy on my forum, I would like to prevent certain email domains from registering but in order to minimise inconvenience to existing users, allow a whitelist email addresses from those domains.
If I simply apply a ban on a domain all of the existing users with email addresses from those domains will have to change their email address at their next login and I don't want to inconvenience them. There may also be an occasional need on a case-by-case basis to allow some users to use such domains.

We are a very small team with limited time for forum maintenance and we are manually authorizing the accounts. Doing this would reduce our workload and the change would be transparent to our existing users.

Is this possible either natively or via a plugin?

Thanks in advance.
Moved to Plugin Requests because it isn't possible in the core.
Ok thanks for the fast reply.

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