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First of all, for a current project of one of my customers I need to decide between SMF and MyBB.

There are a few requirements for the project:
  1. I need to be able to register the forum users with my application
  2. Disable the default registration / password reset functionality of the forum software (MyBB)
  3. Disable the functionality for users to change their email in the forum software (MyBB)
  4. Create a hook each time the "logout" functionality is called (->to logout the members in the main application too)
  5. Disable the default login functionality of the forum software (MyBB)
  6. Being able to "login" users into their forum accounts from my main application
What's the easiest way to get all above listed steps done using MyBB. I would need to know how easy this can be done, before I decide for one of the two forum software.

All the best;  Smile
1) The user datahandler has functions that assist with that.
2) You can disable registration in the ACP. For password reset, there is no good way to do it. You can edit a template to remove the code, don't remember the template name off hand.
3) Can remove the link to change email, but would also need to use a hook so you are able to use an error function.
4) There are two choices, not sure which would be the best here. member_logout_start and member_logout_end.
5) You can remove the code in templates so the login form doesn't exist. Not the most ideal solution, but can work.
6) Can be done. Look into the validate_password_from_username function.

List of plugin hooks: https://docs.mybb.com/1.8/development/plugins/hooks/
(2016-11-23, 01:53 PM)dragonexpert Wrote: 1) The user datahandler has functions that assist with that.
6) Can be done.  Look into the validate_password_from_username function.
-Thanks for your reply! Wink
Regarding these points.

Where can I find some doc regarding what files to include to be able to call these functions?
1) Any doc regarding the function (what parameters are needed etc..)
6) By login I only mean "logging" in, not validating the username password, just set the cookie, so user is logged in and I can redirect him to the forum after I set the cookie Smile.

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