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I had to reset my everything, and i want to switch which SMTP i am using. Both are gmail. just different email accounts. However the old one works, but i cant get the new one to work. If i got to google apps,

the settings are

Quote:SMTP mail
TLS encryption

if i just switch the username and password to the other account, shouldnt they work?

i think i might know why.

i sent a mass email to everyone to reset passwords (500+ accounts), and i think gmail has 99 limit per day right? So now everyone is resetting their passwords, causing more reset password email verifications, etc.
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I dont think so - I use Gmail too and I send newsletter to all users who subscribed. It is over 1k users and everything is send in one day without any issues.

Check if you dont use any 2FA or security question or whatever they have for login

I use same settings except this:

Username: I use the full email address: [email protected]
Encryption mode: SSL encryption
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