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Not Solved some plugins dont work after change config
Not Solved
mod options show up

the admin options shown on the screenshot is another plugin to allow log into users accounts. Before when this plugin (the plugin not working) would show a 2nd admin options under this one for extended info and geo under that. 

and another plugin showing the group membership...as well as other plugins still working. 


Quote:But the default options to edit and ban in the ACP do still show?
oh i forgot about that. Then there was 3 admin options.....no that one is not showing.

i figured it out. I changed the hide_admin_links variable to 1. I thought this was just the admin link at the top. Not sure why it disabled the visibility of the plugin as there is no were no links in it? The make mybb more secure instructions said that if you dont disable this, the change of the admin directory is moot.
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