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[Rejected] Suspend Account
This is sort of like banning, but it is not fully banning.
---This also would help with moderating accounts and working ALONG side with moderation actions such as "moderate new posts", "Posts must be approved"

It can work like this:

A person is causing issues, but they really mean well, however you don't want to ban them.

You have the following options:

Ban the user for X time

Moderate the user's posts

Or Suspend the Account until action(s) have been met.


When you suspend an account, the account acts like a banned account but the user(s) have to complete tasks and once they complete the task, they can have their account back. So them getting their account back is solely up to them.

The tasks could be:
  •  Please read the following *insert canned or pre-made message (Like "Ban Reason")* [ They have to stay on this page for X set seconds. With in that time they can Read what you have to say or just sit there and wait it out]      ||  This is LIKE a ban, but they have to stay on that page for X seconds / Minutes. It would be used for things like "Please take the time and re-read the rules."
This is less than a ban because as a lot of people have stated "If they get banned they stay banned" This is sort of a forced "Read this, because it's your last hope/chance"
  • E-mail an "account pin".  What this does, is if the user's account is Suspended, they get a reason why it was suspended, but in order to access their account, they have to check their email for an one time  "Account Suspension Activation Pin" - aka 'ASAP'. When they input the correct pin, they can access their account like normal.

I was also thinking if the account is suspended, you can also have the option to set a post-suspension moderation. Basically, the account Suspension catches the attention of the user and bluntly "says" "Stop being a jackwad, you still have your account, just reactivate it." Likewise, after they re-activate their account, you can set post-suspension moderation actions Such as
  • Moderate new posts
  • Set new Flood Filter (For this specific account) to X time
  • Disable the ability to report posts (for this specific account for X time) | Get your first month of hosting for $0.01 USD with Promo Code: Hexeus
[Image: 12946833.gif]

I see no reason to suspend an account. You can give temporary bans if necessary. You can do things once a user reaches a specific warning level such as moderate posts.
What's the difference between a temporary ban and suspension?
I do not like this suggestion. Options for suspensions and bans already exist that are sufficient.

Some ideas are just not worth the execution and I think OP hasn't learned that yet. Coming up with idea isn't the same as implementing it. Things that are neat or cool don't necessarily improve MyBB. And consideration has to be placed into what the feature will entail for the coding team.
Let me put it this way, don't like my suggestions, stop commenting. After all like you told me, if you can't handle it, stop posting.

There are no rules to suggestions, and as I've stated many times, it is just an idea.

(2016-11-29, 07:17 PM)laie_techie Wrote: What's the difference between a temporary ban and suspension?

Temporary ban is with time. 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year, etc.

Suspension would disable the account until the person meets the set requirements - in this case checking their email or staying on a page - refresh would reset the timer | Get your first month of hosting for $0.01 USD with Promo Code: Hexeus
[Image: 12946833.gif]

guys, please keep the discussions cordial so we don't have to go around slapping hands.

Your MyBB 2.0 suggestion has unfortunately been rejected. Your suggestion does not fit with the direction that MyBB is heading in as a project at this time.

Please do not PM me for support. I am looking to be hired for paid services.

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