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I do not know Why my forum is like this now, it was normal with the Full screen after it gave an error That the forum Fell and came back like this, I already tried back with a backup of Yesterday's forum More anyway Continue like this.


Sorry for my english, google translator does not always hit the words.
And there is no longer the forum in Portuguese.

[Image: C6wFLGl.png?1]

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Not Solved
HI there. It's difficult for us to resolve your issue when it's written in another language.

As stated in Global Forum Rules section 3 'Post properly':

Quote:There are a number of rules relating to posting that must be adhered to in order to keep the forum operating smoothly.

The following is forbidden:
Bumping more often than once per 24 hours
Bumping old threads (necroposting) without good reason
Typing in all caps, it looks childish
"IM speak", it makes it more difficult to interpret and understand what you’re trying to say
No duplicate posts or threads - Once is enough.
Posts in languages other than English, except in the internationalization forum.

That being said would you please mind translating your post into English so we may have a better understanding of the issue? Platforms like Google Translate do not always give the best translation and to avoid any delays/mistakes in the resolution it's asked that you post in English (unless it's in the internationalization forum). I'll be looking into issues on the linked site while waiting for the translated post Smile
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