Not Solved [How To?] Text on postbit goes off page
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Hi guys, I need a little help if possible Toungue

On the postbit the text keeps going off the page, I tried CSS:


It works but if words are too long it puts the remaining of that word on a new line which makes it a little difficult to read. Could anyone help with this please?

Example (first post):

Test login
User: test
Pass: test1234

Thanks Smile

I've closed the forum due to people registering, so I've made test account admin after you login you'll be able to view the forum.
Not Solved
Any help would be appreciated, thanks Toungue
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How it should be?
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(2016-12-08, 09:04 PM)chack1172 Wrote: How it should be?

It should display normal if possible, if the word is to long and is about to reach the end of the postbit, then the word should appear on the next line rather than a broken word on two lines or appearing off page. Thanks Smile

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