Not Solved Is all themes files in cache folder required?
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In my cpanel,
inside public_html/cache/theme folde and it contain many theme folders.
are all theme folder required/
as i have 5 theme on my board.
i dont know why all these folders created?
thank you.


Can anyone helpme?
is these all cache files required?
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Can anyone guide me?
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Sorry for bumping..
anyone can reply please.
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yes, if you have n number of themes installed then n number of sub-folders are added into cache/themes folder
and they are required with their contents. folders have themeID suffix
in general, MyBB's stock theme id is 1 & its cache folder is theme1
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if i have deleted theme than can i delete folder related to it?
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If you deleted a theme then the folder which is part of that theme will automatically deleted(if not you can delete that folder manually).
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