Not Solved Mass email is not working
Not Solved

I have defined a return address for Emails but somehow it is not placed in the email.

The admin email address is  
The return address is                     [email protected]

Php7 + latest myBB

Email server:

16:56:12.352 2 SMTPI-004633([]) ACCOUNT([email protected]) connected(CLRTXT) []:39731->[]:25
16:56:12.352 2 SMTPI-004633([]) ACCOUNT([email protected] disconnected ([]:39731)
16:56:12.387 2 SMTPI-004633([]) authenticated as [email protected]
16:56:12.387 5 SMTPI-004633([]) out: 235 [email protected] relaying authenticated\r\n
16:56:12.388 5 SMTPI-004633([]) inp: MAIL FROM:<[email protected]>
16:56:12.388 5 SMTPI-004633([]) out: 250 [email protected] sender accepted\r\n
16:56:12.388 5 SMTPI-004633([]) inp: RCPT TO:<>

16:56:12.388 5 SMTPI-004633([]) out: 501 syntax error\r\n
16:56:12.389 5 SMTPI-004633([]) inp: MAIL FROM:<[email protected]>

The strange thing is that if I do a mass email with only the administrators everything works fine. Mass email BBoard wide fails.

I think that this whole mass email is broken. If I remove return address and only admin address still the same problem. I also have:

17:06:55.069 5 SMTPI-004648([]) inp: MAIL FROM:<[email protected]>
17:06:55.069 5 SMTPI-004648([]) out: 500 Unknown command\r\n

Coming from phpBB I never had any mass email problems.

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