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[Rejected] Auto Update System
Would be nice to have auto update system like WordPress in MyBB 2.0
Will save alot of times and errors I believe.
similar discussion
(2016-12-09, 05:22 AM)iturdu Wrote: similar discussion

That thread actually references an even earlier request:

(2014-12-24, 03:33 PM)rajeevrrs55 Wrote: Today my topic is auto update or upgrade mybb version. this feature is not provided by all CMS but i have seen 2 to 3 CMS and web application software who are providing this feature.
Yes, we have discussed this many times, and it won't be happening in 2.0 due to the security concerns.

Your MyBB 2.0 suggestion has unfortunately been rejected. Your suggestion does not fit with the direction that MyBB is heading in as a project at this time.

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