Not Solved [Performance] The "Can Search Forum" Permission
Not Solved
If the forum permission "Can Search Forum" is used to make a particular forum not searchable, would this save on server load?

I'm thinking it wouldn't - because the search process would still need to go all the way through the posts database anyway to find out which posts were not in the non-searchable forum. In other words, it would still need to search all the posts in order to identify those which were not to be searchable.

But perhaps in the way it produces and displays the search results after the search itself it would mean less load on the server? Because there are less results to be shown?

As you can tell I really don't know the answer to this, but maybe some knowledgeable person does. There are a few forums I have that don't particularly need to be searched, but unless it saves on the load in some way there's no real need to change anything. I could leave them to be searched just in case.

Thanks for any insight into this.

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