Registration vulnerability?
I have my forum setup so every new registration must be activated by and Admin.  I have noticed a few times new membership activated automatically.  After a little digging I noticed anyone that uses taptalk to  register is automatically activated.
Have anyone else noticed this as well?  Is there a way to fix this?
Ask Tapatalk Smile It's not something we can fix or control I'm afraid, if they don't insert the user properly, then it won't follow the approval settings you've configured.
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I've had an interesting variant on this theme - had the email notification sent that there was a user pending approval, but the user wasn't in the pending log.

If there's no way of trapping the Tapa applicants then I'll have to turn it off!

Found the options for it under the tapa plugin - all solved!
Tapatalk (IIRC) handles users differently to the core of MyBB, hence you have to configure their settings to fall in line with the settings that you have set for MyBB itself.

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Hi there. Tapatalk is a third party plugin and doesn't rely on the same protocols as MyBB Registration. I believe there is an option to disable Tapatalk Registrations if you are interested Smile
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Just waking this thread up again as am puzzled by something just happened:

There's one persistent user name keeps trying to register, no IP shown, and the email bounces so I've always assumed that it's either spam or a Tapa bug. I have Tapa registrations turned off and the board is set to email verification and admin activation.

This morning that account was back again but showing as awaiting admin activation (so the site thinks it's done the email bit) yet in the server level email account I found the returned message that email was undelivered. Any clues? Or more specifically, do I need to be worried or just dismiss this as an oddity?
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