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I want to index posts from another place in the forum.  Like a subforum that contains posts from another forum.

In other words it's like if our forum tree was organized by color - but one might also want to find posts by shape.

Shapes Subforum
  Blue Square Post
 Red Circle Post
  Red Triangle Post

Colors Subforum
 Blue Subforum
   Post about how pretty the blue sky is
   Link to the Blue Square Post in the Shapes subforum
Red Subforum
   Post about roses are red.
   Link to Red Circle Post
   Link to Red Triangle Post
The "links" could be in another subforum if necessary, eg: a subforum of Red that was "Red Shapes" subforum.

Is there some way to make links to other posts from other places like that?

I'm happy with the admin managing the links.
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Better if you give me a visual.
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Hmm, I'm not sure how to do that Smile Basically I just want a post to show up in two forums Smile
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Even with a plugin it's gonna be pretty hard to have a permanent link to a thread in another forum like this, I think the only way you'd be able to do it is physically have two threads that maybe both get updated with the same content whenever the other is updated, but that'd create a whole load of other issues. I'm not really sure this is gonna be doable.
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Could you not use RSS to pull the new threads from one forum to another? Just an idea?

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Hmm, if you move a thread, there's:

Move thread and leave redirect in existing forum for days:  (leave blank for 'infinite')

So... could that be leveraged? Basically if I could create a redirect to another thread in the subforum I wanted it to be in, then I'd have what I wanted!

It sounds like I could move the thread to the subforum that I want my "index" to be in, then move it again and leave an infinite redirect.

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