Need some Plugins Made
I'm in need of a few plugins if anyone is able to do them, here's a list of them with descriptions:

1. Reply to Reputations
-This Plugin will allow users to respond to Reputations they have received. Their response will be in the same box as the reputation they received. It's a rather simple concept.

2. Postbit Backgrounds
-This plugin is pretty simple as well. Basically, Users are able to choose from different backgrounds if they're part of a certain membergroup. This is going to be for Upgraded members on my forum. The background will pattern their Poster Information box when they submit a resposne.

3. Custom Profile CSS
-Users of certain membergroups (will be for upgraded users) will have an additional box in their UserCP, this basically is to allow users to customize their profile if they know CSS.

4. Quick Thread 
-A "Quick Thread" button next to the "New Thread" button in forumdisplay. The Quick Thread will output a quick Pop-Up editor so users can quickly make threads. This will be mostly for my "Lounge" board.

5. Pretty Links
-This is Simple but I think it's pretty Neat. Links like: will be changed to Hyperlinked text like this: MyBB Community - WIP DiscussionZone basically getting rid of ugly links on the forum and beautifying them I guess you could say.

6. Notifications System
-I personally don't really like MyAlerts, and I don't think it's very efficient. I'd like to get my own custom Notifications System which is sort of like Facebook Notifications. How they have the world icon then when you click it or hover it, it shows a dropdown of new alerts. I want it to auto update without having to refresh or anything as well like Facebook does. I want the alerts to look something like:

Kioshi responded to your Thread: "This is pretty cool..."
25 Minutes Ago

Kioshi quoted you in a Post: "Didn't think about it that way, nice.."
about an Hour ago

Kioshi gave you a +3 Reputation
2 Hours Ago

Kioshi gave you a -3 Reputation
5 Hours Ago

Kioshi Added you to the group Empire
8 Hours Ago
Kioshi sent you a [PM]
December 22 at 9:48pm
etc etc. 

Unread Notifications will be highlighted, and Read Notifications won't be of course.

7. Improved vBulletin Style Reputation System
-Basically just the Green or/ Red Bars for Reputation instead of the regular numbers. But they have to be calculated very well and all that so they make sense. I don't want the rep number on Postbit, only show that when users go to a users reputation page. Otherwise, just have it like "Rep: [Green or Red bars]" etc.

8. Create an Account or Sign In to Comment
"-Create an Account or Sign In to Comment" bar where quick reply would be if not signed in like IPB:

9. Username Mentions
-This is basically an Add-On for the Notifications System. So users can "@" one another. Unlike the other versions of it, I actually need this to work really well.

Please Reply to this Thread, or Message me Privately if you can do any of this for a fair price. Yes, I will be paying for all of these.

[Image: logo.png]
You can try some of these pre-made plugins which might save you a bit of $$$. I haven't used any so can't comment on their compatibility etc.

3. Check out:
In combination with:

The first part is stated to be compatible with 1.8 though I am not sure about the second part (user group specific stuff).

4. - States it is compatible with 1.8

5. - States it is compatible with 1.8
I will talk to you about some on skype Smile
- MyBB Heart

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