registration throught invitations (like gmail at beginning)
hi.. thanks for this marvelous software

as a security measure, i would to restrict user registration but i have no time to aprove each one by hand ... anyway we are an established community and all possible members knows each other

i remember gmail at beggining when you must have an invitation link to create your account... and when you create your account you granted 10 more invitations to send, so and on

i have a minecraft server... to avoid griefing i thought to make account registration on a similar way.. the idea is as everybody knows each other, it will exist a respect environment and is unlike griefing occurs ... it worked very good from beginning some years until now

basically my system works like this, somebody can took as an idea to implement on mybb:

- my user db table has at least these fields: username, password, email, status, token, invitant
- some registered user send an invitation to a friend throught webpage specifying his email
- internally the line inserted: email, random token, status=invited, invitant
- an activation url was sent throught email specifying the token in querystring
- when invited friend clicks the url it opens a form asking his desired username and password
- internally the line is updated: username, password, status=active where token matches
- everyday at early morning a query runs: delete where status=invited

you could add more features like: limited invitations, get more invitations throught some actions, punishments or rewards to invited and invitant so invitant selects his invited carefully, etc

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