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Does anyone know where / what you need to edit to improve the chances of appearing on peoples google(etc) searches when they look for certain terms?

I seem to remember this being referred to as 'tags' or 'keywords' back in the day? and you would do it by adding some HTML into your index.htm file? Doesn't seem like myBB has an index.htm file?

Any help would be great
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It's called SEO, you can download a SEO plugin for doing this I think.
SEO isn't as simple as keyword stuffing these days, Google ignores the keywords meta tag now. The main thing you need to rank is rich content.
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From what I've been reading, it seems like there is a place for a meta description so the index page is a little bit more search engine friendly.

Maybe I'm biting off a bit more than I can chew, but I would prefer not to go down the plug in route, and like the idea of changing templates and themes as my start point.

I was thinking about going to the BB master default theme, renaming it and hitting save , and then going to edit template set, changing the name and then saving that. This would give me a duplicate of default theme and templates under different names which wouldn't be affected by uploading and installing new versions?

As long as I change where the new version of the default theme is pointing so it picks up on the duplicated and renamed template set that should work shouldn't it?

Once I do that I'm thinking I should just be able to add the Meta description code into the header of the new index file that would sit under the renamed template set.

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