Not Solved [XThreads] Predefine the subject based on input fields
Not Solved

I have been testing around with xthreads and everything is working out fine so far. There are only 2 things that I did not get to work so far:

1. Predefine the subject.
I would like to remove the subject input field when creating a new thread and simply replace it by text consisting of values of other thread fields.


Lets say there is an application form. The first custom thread field is "Your Name" (key: "name"). And the 5th is what he is applying for, "Prefered Position" (key: "position"). Now for this example I will use "Ben Hill" and "Engineer". And I want the subject to be this:
"Application by Ben Hill for: Engineer"
The format would be this:
"Application by {$GLOBALS['threadfields']['name']} for: {$GLOBALS['threadfields']['position']}"

How do I do that? Or is that even possible with XThreads?

I hope I was able to explain what I want

Now, my the other issue I have is not that important:

2. How do I predefine polls? Lets go back to the example. He posts that and automatically the thread includes a poll with predefined options running for a predefined time (example: a poll with 2 options: "accept" and "deny" running for 14 days). I do not need any restrictions on that, like only specific usergroups being able to vote or anything.

I hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance!

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