MyBB Story Board (Like [WIP]
This project is inspired by sites like and recently remotestories. I decided to start this MyBB project after seeing this support thread . This project is currently a work in progress.

Day 1 (1/17/2017)

Forum Display Wrote:[Image: fb9195be60ea7d573eecd5738aa1feac.png]

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Name's Waleed, I'm a graphic and web design (2015) graduate from Canada. Self-employed and lending my design skills to the MyBB community.
This looks pretty good!! Smile
This is great, Sharree! And its something I have been looking for. Do you have a version that is available for use or is this still in development?
Great looking start! I love the two story titles Toungue
This is the first project I have bookmarked to keep an eye on! Can't wait to see a working copy!

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