[REQUEST/JOB]Help Finish A Virtually Completed Site, Willing to Negotiate Pay

Hello! I'm Venom! So here's my proposal and story for the site above:

Short story: An already virtually completed customized site with a few missing pieces that need to be completed before I can launch it, willing to discuss pay for what needs to be done.

Long story: I have been trying to get this site up and running for a very long time now, almost a year with this rendition (though I have gone through others, so really it's been many years.) This is a role playing/writing site with a skin and design I made myself, and worked with a personal friend of mine who knew how to navigate and code in the MyBB platform. Though I still have contact with the original coder, she is extremely flaky and very unreliable which is big contributing factor as to why this has taken so long. I hung onto her for so long because I  really appreciated the quality of the work she did, as well as knowing the role playing community. So good work, but slow and unreliable.

I would really, really like to have this site fully completed as there is not that much left to accomplish on it, and am willing to help work with the coder any step of the way. I have designed the visuals of everything from the ground up myself but I cannot code. Basically I have a bunch of small, unfinished odds and ends, that I suspect will most likely take a couple hours to finish at most. I have created multiple to do lists and am willing to answer any questions. I am also willing to negotiate pay if it is necessary. Also willing to hear if you have any better ideas of how something should be laid out/changed, but that's completely extra and not necessary!

Below are most of what needs to be added and/or finished for the site:

  • Style Mod CP so that it is consistent stylistically with the other pages and menus
  • Fix the advertising and affiliates/archives board so the code is consistent with the other out of character boards
  • Add space for affiliates
  • Finish styling Guidebook pages (most code already there)
  • OOC Activity Status (player accounts can select from a drop down menu in Edit Profile, selecting what their activity status is and it will display on their account)
  • Style the activation alert and moderator alert banners the same as the others alerts (i.e. private messages)
  • Character Wanted Status Dropdown (character accounts can select characters "wanted" status and it will display on character's universal profiles)
  • Change partner/lover image to square instead of circle
  • Remove dummy user list at the bottom of the page (put in for stress testing,  originally)
  • Style user group names (even I may be able to do this) 
  • Create a few simple post scripts (some of you non-RP world peopel may not know what this is, and this isn't necessary, honestly)
PM sent
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