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I just installed a new theme to my (also new) forum and there is no icons.
I would say that after I uploaded the theme file - x theme.xml - I should upload what is inside the "Documentation" folder, shouldn't I? Inside there are:
css (folder)
js (folder)
docs.html (file).

Should I put those files on the server and if yes - how? 

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can we have your forum url & which theme you are trying to use (give its link)
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if it has a "Documentation" folder, there should be a readme file inside
for what you say there, probably should be uploaded to your forum root
cant say for sure without a live url
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You should upload those images inside the MyBB Root images folder, anyways you should read the documentation that came with theme.
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Name of theme: Sleeq - Clean MyBB

I just see what the problem is - my forum links to icons like:

but website files are all not gif but png (wing.png etc.)

Is it a common problem with that theme? Should I just force change the extension of all files to "gif"?
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ive tested a install of sleeq with no issues

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