Not Solved Controling the table and column widths
Not Solved
I've noticed that as I've been making posts, the last post column is stretching, depending on the length of the post title, and the threads and posts columns have been compressed. This makes the index page look a bit messy and I would like to set the widths so that they don't change widths.

It would be nice to, to be able to change the width of the post threads so that they are slightly narrower than they are now.

I know how to change the width of the #container, .wrapper, #panel and footer tags, but not these columns. (the forum table and sidebar lengths are set in the index template, using %, rather than pixels, but this doesn't seem to stop the forum table from stretching, which I don't want it to do.)

I want the forum title column to be 480px, the threads and posts columns to both be 40px, the last post column to be 180px and the newpost/no new post column to be 40px. 

I want the post threads to be around 1055px.

I'm not sure which part of the css for the table I should be editing.

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