Help With Update's Needed
I'm currently running 1.8.8 and need someone to help with the update

willing to pay $50 ($25 before and $25 after) to someone in the U.S.
if you are using MyBB 1.8.8 then there should be no need to pay high amount for updating it.
rather it would be better to update forum yourself. see upgrading guidance

basic steps:
1. put forum offline
2. backup database
3. download modified files (if any)
4. upload MyBB 1.8.10 files & run upgrade script
5. follow instructions provided by MyBB upgrading system
Uhh.. PM me Smile
I can do this for you Big Grin

Please do not PM me for support. I am looking to be hired for paid services.

You can view my paid services here.

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