[WIP] MyBB Advanced Default Theme
Advanced Default Theme

Name: Advanced Default Theme
Team: Nasyr & Devourz
Version: 1.0
Build: dev
Github: Advanced Default Theme

I have created a very simple variant of the official MyBB theme. This allows for anyone who wishes to edit the theme complete access to an already modified theme. I have made a lot of minor and major adjustments from editing to getting some code from the MyBB Community.

- A new head navigation set with the use of Font Awesome icons. (February 5th 2017)
- A new memberbit for all usergroups from Guest to Administrator. (February 5th 2017)
- Forums have been aligned to the left, stats to the right side. (February 5th 2017)
- Postbit has had edits to convert the overall style. (February 5th 2017)
* Advice to use classic postbit for the changes to be in place. (February 5th 2017)
- Online/Offline dots on postbit now have text in their place. (February 5th 2017)
- Avatars on the postbit have a circle effect to them, not square. (February 5th 2017)
- Font Awesome icons have been used for each forum/sub-forum on the board. (February 5th 2017)
- A clean breadcrumb that blends in with the community background. (February 5th 2017)

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  • Changed postbit author style (see before & after below)

More will be added to this list for my weekly theme changelog.

Postbit_author BEFORE:

Posbit_author AFTER:

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